Jewellery CAD Services Auckland

We are early adopters

of jewellery CAD services for jewellery production and are now New Zealand leaders in the field.

The jewellery CAD services allow us to produce high quality photorealistic renders during the design process. These provide a unique visualisation for customers, and often lead to better informed decisions, especially when creating unique, one-off custom items of jewellery. Please see the render page for examples.

Why jewellery CAD services?

A CAD drawing provides a template that can be printed in wax for casting, or turned into either an animated photorealistic video or a series of still shots for jewellery design presentation to customers.

About CAD printing

Printed CAD waxes have several uses. Firstly, waxes can be cast at local foundries in gold, platinum or other metals, ensuring quicker jewellery making turnaround times. Waxes can also be cold-moulded for later production.

Resin-based printouts have the further benefit that customers can physically try them on.

Less cost, more accuracy

Producing from CAD drawings saves significant time and materials. Less metal is used in the production process, beads can be pre-cast, and models are more accurate and symmetrical. It greatly reduces turnaround time from design to finished jewellery.

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